10 Signs Your Spouse May Be Cheating


If you have a gut feeling that something just isn’t quite right with your spouse, but you aren’t sure exactly what is going on, it may be time to consider hiring a private investigator in Columbus, Georgia.

Perhaps your wife has suddenly begun to dress as though she is trying to impress someone. Or, maybe your husband has suddenly started to work late frequently. While no one wants to believe that their spouse could be cheating, it happens more often than you might know.

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Below are 10 signs that your spouse might be cheating.

1. Changing Habits

Suddenly, your spouse begins changing his or her habits, such as coming home late, leaving early, or developing new habits. While such a change of habits could just be a midlife crisis, it could also be something more.

2. Unexplained Belongings

Have you noticed your spouse has new, unexplained items? Perhaps your wife has jewelry you didn’t buy her. Or, maybe your husband has begun keeping strange items in his car, such as cologne. You might even have found other odd items, such as ticket stubs, hotel key cards, or restaurant receipts that you know nothing about. These items could indicate a possible affair.

The reverse could also be true. Has your spouse suddenly become more generous, giving you more gifts than in the past? This could range from jewelry to flowers to expensive gadgets. Giving additional gifts is often a classic sign that a cheating spouse is trying to overcompensate because he or she feels bad for being unfaithful.

Presenting extra or unexpected gifts does not guarantee that a spouse is cheating, but if it becomes a pattern, it’s a good idea to keep your eyes open for any other possible signs that your spouse may be cheating.

3. Excessive Spending

Is your spouse spending more money than usual? Unexplained spending can be a red flag that your spouse may be having an affair. For instance, have you noticed suspicious charges to your credit card?

Is your spouse making large ATM withdrawals? If spouse is suddenly spending a lot of money and cannot explain it, it’s possible that he or she could be spending money on an affair.

4. Secret Accounts

In some cases, when a spouse is cheating, he or she may attempt to take control of the family finances in an effort to hide the affair. In other cases, they may set up a bank account in their name only or take out new credit cards.

5. Hidden Documents and Bills

Has your spouse begun hiding correspondence or bills? Are they having mail forwarded to a new address? In our work as a private investigator in Columbus, some of our clients are often shocked to discover their cheating spouse had a mailbox they knew nothing about.

6. Suspicious Communications

Are you receiving phone calls at your home at odd hours? Does the caller hang up when you answer? Have you noticed that your spouse is receiving strange text messages?

Does your spouse leave the room when he or she receives a phone call or text? This type of secretive communication could be another red flag.

7. Strange Social Media Activity

You might be surprised at just how much you can discover about a cheating spouse from their social media activity. Some of the red flags that might indicate that your spouse is cheating is the creation of a new profile, checking in at places on social media where you weren’t present, and status updates and tags from a potential person of interest.

Keep in mind that a spouse who is faithful should have no reason to hide social media accounts. If you have discovered that your spouse has opened new accounts recently, you will need to decide whether you should confront your spouse, continue gathering evidence on your own, or hire a private detective to determine whether or not your spouse is actually cheating on you.

8. Spending More Money than Usual on Grooming

Have you noticed that your spouse is spending more money than usual on clothing or personal styling? Is your husband or wife working out more frequently at the gym?

Although there is certainly nothing wrong with wanting to improve oneself, if it seems as though your spouse has become obsessed with their body image, it could be that he or she is working to look better for another person.

Another frequent indication of an affair is an unfamiliar scent on your husband or wife’s clothing. This might not necessarily be something as classic as unfamiliar lipstick or perfume.

It could be something as simple as the scent of an unfamiliar body wash or soap that you don’t use at home. Never underestimate your own senses. If something smells off, there’s a good chance that your spouse may be cheating.

9. Frequent Business Trips

Although it might seem like a cliché, we have seen it happen time and time again in real life. Business trips provide the ideal excuse for a cheating spouse to get away to conduct an extramarital affair. Consider whether your spouse’s business trips line up with what they actually do at work.

10. Trying to Pick Fights

A spouse who is cheating will usually be on the defense. Does he or she seem to be continually trying to pick fights? Do they make hurtful comments? Do they seem to be defense about where they go?

Many times, an unfaithful partner will feel so stressed and guilty about an affair that he or she will redirect that stress and guilt toward you. If you have noticed that you and your spouse seem to be fighting more frequently and that he or she seems to be deliberately trying to pick fights, even over inconsequential things, it’s important for you to keep your eyes open and think about what may be really taking place.

So, what do you do if you believe your spouse is cheating? It’s important not to ignore your gut instinct. All of the signs listed above are all well-known indicators of a possible extramarital affair. There may also be more signs that you simply have not noticed.

If you have noticed any of the above signs and think your spouse may be having an affair, the next step should be to contact a Private Investigator in Columbus, GA. An experienced private investigator can collect solid information and provide you with the answers you need.

Our company, H&H Services is dedicated to providing our clients with professional, confidential services in matrimonial investigations, child custody cases, infidelity investigations, background searches, and more.

Give us a call at 706-888-5052 and we’ll discuss your situation in-depth with you and together we’ll determine the best course of action.

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