10 Signs Your Wife May Be Cheating


While all relationships go through difficult times, the reality is that if you have noticed that something seems to be off in your relationship, your wife could be cheating. When you suspect that your wife is cheating, it’s important to understand the signs of an unfaithful partner so you can decide which step you should take next.

The signs of a cheating wife vary from one person to another and among relationships. As a result, this can make it difficult to provide an accurate list of warning signs. Even so, if your gut instinct tells you that something is wrong, it’s always better to check things out.

Below is a list of some of the more common signs of a cheating wife:

1. Secreative Phone Calls. A cheating wife may make secretive phone calls or even send or receive texts at odd times. If you ask her about the phone calls and/or texts, she may become overly defensive.

You might also notice an erased phone history or the use of secret apps. This is actually one of the biggest red flats of infidelity in a cheating wife. If you have checked your wife’s phone and noticed that all of the text and call logs have been deleted, this could be a red flag that she is hiding something.

Cheating Wife

When this is the case, the next step might be to contact a private investigator in Columbus, Georgia for information on how you can use your wife’s phone to prove she is cheating on you.

2. Spending more time than usual on the phone. If you have noticed that your wife is spending more time online than usual without a clear explanation, this could be a warning sign that she is either cheating or considering cheating.

Given the technology of today, it’s easy to sign up for dating sites and meet someone without ever even having to leave home.

3. Changes in regular work hours. If your wife has suddenly begun working late when she didn’t in the past, this could be an indication that she is having an affair. This could be particularly true if there have not been any significant changes in her job position recently.

4. Asking for more privacy. A wife who is cheating may ask to be left alone, may suddenly require more privacy, or begin staying away from family events. This could be due to her own feelings of guilt.

If your wife has begun setting up passwords on computers or phones and doesn’t give you the passwords, this could also be another sign of an affair.

Spending time with new friends. If your wife suddenly begins spending time with new friends, particularly a friend of the opposite gender, this could be another sign of an affair. Does your wife become defensive about spending so much time with someone else when asked about it?

While this could be just a friendship, it could also be an affair. A common excuse that a cheating wife may use to cover up an affair is that she is going out with a friend. This could be someone you’ve known for a long time or it could be someone new.

The reality is that even a good friend will often lie to help a cheating spouse cover up her activities. This can make it difficult to know if your wife is actually being unfaithful. If you suspect that your wife has a friendship that isn’t platonic, this could be the right time to hire a private investigator in Columbus, Georgia.

5. Not wearing a wedding ring. If you have found your wife not wearing her wedding ring and when you ask her about it, she makes excuses, this could be a clear sign that she is having an affair.

6. Lack of interest. If your wife shows a lack of interest or appears distant, especially when it comes to intimacy, this could be a sign that she is having an affair or that her attention is somewhere else. This same may also be true if your wife no longer has an interest in going to social events with you.

10 Signs Your Wife Is Cheating

7. Unusual fragrances. If your wife leaves home and returns smelling like an unusual fragrance, such as men’s cologne, this could be a clear sign that she is having an affair. A cheating spouse may also take to more frequent showering.

For instance, does your wife come home from work and go straight to the shower? Or, have you noticed that your wife returns home at the end of the day smelling as though she is freshly showered? If so, you might need to consider whether she’s having an affair.

8. Staying up late or sleeping in another bed. Have you noticed that your wife is staying up later than usual? Has she begun sleeping in another bed or sleeping on the sofa for no apparent reason?

If so, she might be staying up late texting or going on dating sites. A wife who suddenly begins sleeping elsewhere could also be feeling guilty. If you have noticed this type of activity, you need to consider whether she’s having an affair and speak to a private investigator about how you can prove she is cheating on you.

10 signs your wife may be cheating

9. When friends begin acting strangely around you. Have you noticed that mutual friends or even co-workers have begun to act uncomfortable in your presence? If so, this could be a red flag that they know your wife is cheating on you and just don’t want to say anything to you about it.

One way to find out for sure whether your wife is actually cheating is to probe for more information. You might also hire a private investigator to find out whether your suspicions are accurate.

10. A change in behavior and attitude. Have you noticed your wife displaying a different attitude at home? This could even be with children. If so, this could be a clear warning sign that she is being unfaithful.

A cheating wife could be looking for ways to justify her actions and in doing so, this could result in conflict in the home. You might notice that she seems to be picking fights or becomes defensive over little things.

When you notice this type of behavior, it’s important to review the other items on this list and determine whether there are other signs that could indicate your wife may be having an affair.

If you suspect that your wife may be having an affair, but you need to confirm your suspicions, then hiring a private investigator in Columbus, Georgia could be a good way to get the answers you need.

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