Hiring a private investigator may seem as though it’s unnecessary when you are going through a divorce, but could mean the difference between winning and losing battles over custody and property, in some cases. Hiring a licensed private investigator during your divorce is a practical way to protect yourself and your best interests.

By working in partnership with your divorce attorney, a private investigator in Columbus, Georgia can prove to be an invaluable resource. A private investigator can help you discover a number of vital elements that can give you more negotiating power in a divorce, ranging from custody to infidelity issues.

Divorce private investigator

Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator To Help With Your Divorce

Find Hidden Funds

One of the most common reasons to hire a private investigator is to locate hidden assets. H&H Services can help you uncover hidden assets because we have access to records and databases that the average person doesn’t.

Although you might be aware of a bank account to which your name is attached, a private investigator can quickly find out whether your spouse may have any accounts that you do not know about.

It’s not uncommon for spouses to try to hide assets during a pending divorce or even before divorce proceedings begin in order to protect those assets. This is often the case when one spouse is responsible for handling most of the financial matters in the home.

In such situations, the other spouse is often left in the dark about certain financial matters. A spouse may also try to hide assets when they are trying to spend down the marital estate in an attempt to prevent the other spouse from getting anything in the divorce.

A spouse could attempt to hide assets in a variety of ways. For instance, he or she may pay off supposed loans to family and friends who are actually holding the funds for them until after the divorce is concluded.

Divorce Hiding Money Private Investigator

In other cases, they may try to sell real estate at a drastically reduced price and then reclaim it after the divorce. They may also attempt to move personal property to storage facilities or funds to offshore accounts in an attempt to hide those assets.

Private investigators are skilled at sifting through databases in order to locate all types of assets. In other instances, a private investigator may search through other documents for information that might indicate the presence of hidden assets.

Spousal and Child Support

When a spouse knows that they may be required to pay spousal support, he or she may try to make it look as though they are not earning as much money as they really are. This can be done in a variety of ways.

For instance, they may ask for bonuses to be delayed until after the divorce. Some spouses may even take a cut in hours in order to slash their earnings. A spouse who owns a business may try to devalue the business by delaying collecting on funds owed to the business or even taking on extra debt.

H&H Services can conduct surveillance to help discover and search out such schemes. 

Proving Your Spouse Is Cheating

Even if you suspect that your spouse is cheating, if you want to be able to use this information in the divorce, you’ll need proof. One of the reasons that many people are hesitant to hire a private investigator even if they suspect a spouse is cheating is because they figure they are getting divorced anyway. What does it matter?

Cheating Spouse Private Investigator

If you can prove that your spouse is being unfaithful, that information could be beneficial in terms of your either collecting or paying spousal support.

Although a private investigator will not be able to access your spouse’s phone records, they may be able to uncover other communications that would prove infidelity and help you win your case.

Winning Custody Battles

Perhaps one of the most common reasons for hiring a private detective when you are going through a divorce is to win a custody battle.

For instance, if a private investigator is able to uncover evidence that clearly shows your spouse being reckless when it comes to the care of your children, this would be important in a custody battle.

Types of Evidence a Private Investigator Can Collect

Private investigators can collect all kinds of evidence to help your divorce case. This includes conduct surveillance, videography, and photography. A private investigator may also find witnesses in order to obtain statements. Another way a private investigator can collect evidence is by conducting public record searches.

In divorce cases in which children are involved, there is sometimes a situation in which one of the parents is involved in an environment in which the child is not safe. This could include excessive drinking or bringing convicts, sex offenders, or drug users around the child.

Divorce Child Custody

An experienced private investigator can conduct surveillance and background checks to monitor the situation and collect evidence of what is actually taking place so that this information can be brought to light in court and the child’s safety ensured.

Why Hire a Private Investigator?

If your divorce attorney is not 100% certain that you will win your divorce case in court, it’s important to consider hiring a private investigator. In the event that you lose your case as a result of a lack of evidence, filing an appeal can be time-consuming and expensive.

An experienced private investigator like H&H Services can uncover the proof or evidence you’ll need for your divorce case.

How to Hire a Private Investigator in Columbus, Georgia

Prior to hiring a private investigator, it’s important to check for certification and to make sure they’re licensed in the state you’ll need them to conduct the investigation.

Never hire a private investigator from a website that seems suspicious. Always have a specific contact and know precisely what types of services your private investigator will be providing.

A reputable private investigator will tell you what they are doing and what you will be charged for those services. Always be wary of a private investigator who refuses to reveal their methods or sources. 

This type of private investigator could not only be violating the law but in doing so could also expose you to liability, as well. An experienced private investigator will know what type of information and evidence is admissible in court. All information should be retrieved legally. H&H Services has over 10 years of experience and has helped thousands of clients get results. 

Private Investigator Divorce

As sad as it may be, divorce has a tendency to be confrontational. Furthermore, things can escalate quickly as divorce proceedings continue. This can be particularly true when children and/or large amounts of assets are involved. Hiring a licensed, experienced private investigator can help to protect you, your children, and your assets.

And by documenting your case through detailed reports, photographs, video and testimony you will have the power for a favorable outcome in the negotiations of your divorce settlement.

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